Rebekah Lawes

Family Life Educator

Relationship Educator

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Health & Lifestyle Coach


My certifications as a Health and Lifestyle Coach has prepared me to help you find and change the hidden patterns that are secretly keeping you from having your ideal life. Would you like to:

  • Ease Emotional Eating

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Increase Energy

  • Create Restful Sleep

  • Enjoy Lasting Weight Loss

If you would like one or more of these in your life, then one of my Health or Life Coaching programs is for you!

Relationship Coach

My degree in Marriage and Family Science, along with my additional certifications in Relationship Education qualify me for working with dating, engaged, and married couples. Whether you are looking to get the best start possible on your new life together or want to learn to communicate and resolve conflict in a more positive way, I have a customized program for you!

Would you like to know the truth about how to have the happiest marriage possible?

Family Life Educator

My degree in Marriage and Family Science makes me the perfect choice to guide you through the challenges that work and family life can present. 

My customized, one-on-one programs use simple steps to achieve the lasting changes you want to see at work, at home, and at play. I have a great love for families and genuine concern as I coach you through creating the healthiest version of your family you can envision.