Authenticity 101

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”


I’ve noticed the words authentic and authenticity get thrown around a lot in everyday conversations, so I began to wonder what it really means to be authentic. By observing the self-proclaimed “authentics,” I have realized there are as many active definitions of what it means to be authentic as there are people. I have also become aware this seems to be causing a great deal of stress and anxiety in the hearts of those who would like to live in the freedom that authenticity provides, yet are at a loss as to what that may look like for them. I can help with that!

To demonstatrate why the confusion, here are some examples of what I have overheard a few people say about being authentic, along with the thoughts I had when I heard their statements:

“This is who I am, take it or leave it, because I’m being authentic,” voiced in a rude, “in your face” tone. (If that’s what is means to be authentic, I think I’ll “leave it.”)

“Authenticity means standing out and doing it proudly.” (Does this mean people who are shy, natural observers, or value privacy cannot be authentic?)

“Being authentic is all about standing my ground, regardless of the circumstances or outcome.” (Does being authentic remove our ability to use discernment in a variety of situations?)

“I gotta be me to be authentic, but I’m not sure that who I am will fit in with everyone else who’s being authentic.” (Is authenticity a club of some sort, where fitting in is a prerequisite?)

Avoid all the confusion with these

4 easy ways to live a truly authentic life.

Make It Personal

Despite the loud buzz around authenticity, it can be deeply personal, if not sacred, to each individual. This means that watching others to find out how to be authentic may not be your best resource. Instead look within; here’s how.

Know Your Values

Identifying what is truly important to you and why it is important is vital, if an authentic life is what you seek. The more specific you can get, the better. Try narrowing these values down in the “Big Five” areas of life: health, relationships, career, finances, and your connection to that which is greater.

Live In Alignment

Identifying your values allows you to have something by which to measure each choice and situation against, rather than having hard fast rules that may later trap you into unwanted situations and outcomes. Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries can help you to avoid regrets or lack of follow through when choosing in which activities to participate.

Reserve Space for Change

Since we are living, learning, and growing beings, we are ever-changing. What is appropriate and in alignment in one situation may not be in another. Reserve space for yourself to make the best choices at the time with the knowledge you have at the time, using the values that are most important to you at the time. Flexibility is not inauthenticity.

If you’re ready to identify your authentic self,

then NOW is the perfect time to Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation.


Rebekah Lawes

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